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Lead the play. "Play is the work of children, a way for them to develop physically and socially," says Tanya Wright, child safety program specialist in the health and safety department of the American Red Cross/Minneapolis Area Chapter. Make sure that the play is fun and safe. Books and training programs can help you learn about child development stages, as can talking with a child's parents. "Ask parents, 'what is this child doing, what are they getting into at this stage, what kind of play are they interested in and what kind of food are they eating?'" Wright suggests.

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The award is open to for-profit businesses that provide goods or services to retail and wholesale markets (located in the U.S., Canada or communities in Mexico served by BBBs). Non-profit organizations or businesses whose primary markets are local, state, or federal governments are NOT ELIGIBLE for this award.

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Ted runs the whole operation out of his Apple Valley, CA home. With programming help from son Josh, (the recipient of the lizard wall rack, who also came up with the company name) Ted serves as a one man customer service department, handling every situation with customers and suppliers. Remarkably, he does it all despite a debilitating back condition that keeps him from sitting at a computer. Degenerative arthritis and a spinal fusion operation makes sitting or standing for long very uncomfortable. Much of the time he must work at odd angles while laying on his side in bed, with the laptop propped on a three-ring binder to enable him to read it. Ted explains:

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Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina A guide on how to give online and off In response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, many Americans are searching for ways to help the victims. The federal government advises that the best way to help immediately is to donate money directly to established national relief organizations. In order to make sure these private organizations are worthy of your donation dollar, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance is a great place to start to check a charity. You should consider the following tips before you give:

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Watch out for excessive pressure for on-the-spot donations. Be wary of any request to send a "runner" to pick up your contribution. Do not give your credit card number or other personal information to a telephone solicitor or in response to an email solicitation. Ask the caller or sender to provide you with written information on the charity's programs and finances.

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Surviving Your First Year Nothing can quite prepare you for the rigors of entrepreneurship, but, done right, that first year in business can be your most exciting ever. Here's how to stay ahead of the game. Starting a Business Against the Odds Bad credit, no business idea and a kid to take care of? You can still start a homebased business.

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